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Nothing is more annoying than reading a contrived text. A text without character, who wants that? We make sure your translation sounds like a sparkling, original story in the target language.

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If you’ve put a lot of time (and money) into your product or service, you don’t want to lose it because of poor translation. We ensure that your texts are expressed in clear, understandable language in the language of your customer, supplier or business partner.

Adapting to culture and customs of other countries
You can count on BeeCommunication’s expert translators. They take care of your translations down to the last detail (including the dot on the renowned i). Because of their experience, they know exactly what works and what does not work in the target language and adapt expressions and puns so that there are no misunderstandings or unintended and inappropriate things in the translated text.

Do you also enjoy working with people?
We do. This is why we stress the importance of human translators in the translation process. Nowadays, there are many computerised translations, but they still sometimes contain weird things or really wrongly chosen words that completely change the meaning. No matter how perfect it seems to be. A human translator understands the context, knows that one meaning of a word just doesn’t fit and chooses the best fit for your translation. These are all things that AI and machine translation don’t do for you, but we do.

We also translate books. Some examples:

Program your own iPhone and iPad apps
Program your own iPhone and iPad apps
is suitable for anyone who dreams of creating the next must-have, top 10 app! The easy-to-follow examples in this book let you start creating your own apps in a playful way. In doing so, you will use Apple’s powerful, beginner-friendly Swift programming language. You will work in the playground of the free programme Xcode, an interactive environment where you can play with code and see the results immediately!

Paperback, full colour | 336 pages | Translation into Dutch

Arduino Project Handbook
The Arduino Project Handbook is a book for beginning users of Arduino (also known as Genuino). Arduino is an open-source computer platform designed for designing smart and creative objects. The book is full-colour and lets you build 25 fun and interactive projects.

LEDs, sensors, motors, LCD screens, anti-blocking systems and even fuses are used to build projects such as a motion detector, a wireless ID card scanning system, an ultrasonic robot, a weather station, video games for LCD screens and a rocket launcher.

Paperback, full colour | 264 pages | Translation into Dutch

Textbook MOS Excel
Excel is a calculation program, also called a ‘spreadsheet program’. Working in Excel is actually like working on a large sheet of graph paper. You can type something in each square (cell). This can be a number, text or date, but also an underlying formula which allows you to perform calculations automatically. Not only can you calculate figures with Excel, you can also select, sort and arrange them. It is therefore an ideal program to create summaries with calculations or to organize lists with data.

Paperback | 366 pages | Translation into English from Dutch

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