Transcribing conversations, that’s what transcription means

We transcribe audio files for companies and individuals, such as the file of a shareholders’ meeting or a company presentation.

From audio to text

Sometimes conversations, conferences or meetings are recorded, but a transcribed version is needed afterwards. We do this by transcribing the audio files. That means we listen to them and then type out the conversation in Word. We can provide this in both English and Dutch.

Verbatim or non-verbatim
Two types of transcription are available. We call the first one verbatim. In verbatim audio transcription, everything is reproduced verbatim. So also mistakes, repetitions, a speaker mixing up two words and the like. Literally everything that is said, we write down.

The other variant is non-verbatim. In the process, unnecessary repetitions, errors, uh’s and ah’s are removed from the text. This then produces a more concise text, from which superfluous things are left out. You can turn to us for both types of audio transcription.

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