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We translate your documents from English or Dutch to Chinese, from Chinese to English or Dutch and also from English to Dutch and vice versa. Request your free quote today and discover our attractive rates!



We translate your documents to any combination of the following languages: Chinese, English and Dutch. So, we provide translation services from Chinese to English or to Dutch, but also from English to Dutch or Chinese. We make sure your content is professionally translated so your message comes across clearly to your target audience. We do not just translate text, we ensure its content is perfectly understood by your foreign readers. Did you know we not only translate separate documents, but also complete books? Have a look at the books Bart already translated!


Other than translating your texts or documents, we can also proofread them. We proofread texts in Chinese, English or Dutch. Need an extra pair of eyes to check your already translated document? We can make sure your text is 100% correct. Our proofreading service ensures your document does not contain any wrong translations or typing mistakes. Feel free to contact us today and send us your document for a free proofreading quote!

Multilingual site

Through our sister company BeeWebdesign, we are experienced users of WordPress and the WPML-plugin. If you want to have a website that is available in multiple languages, then you have come to the right address. We build multilingual websites and we can offer to translate your website to English, Chines, Dutch and many other European languages (through our network of translators). Target customers in their own language with our multilingual website service

We make sure your translations are free of errors
Translations from and to Chinese, English and Dutch
We translate (almost) anything for you
Find out more about our affordable rates
We make sure your translations are free of errors

Suppose you do business with a Chinese company or you intend to do so. Then you need to make clear arrangements with that Chinese company about delivery, quality, payment terms, etc. We can help you with your business correspondence, translate your letters, emails, and so forth. This way, you can clearly communicate with your Chinese partner and avoid any misunderstanding. Other examples: you may wish to expand your business into other countries and need your website or company brochures translated into other languages. If you are going to promote and sell your products or services abroad, then you want your message to come across clearly to your target audience.

BeeCommunication is the right partner for all your translation needs. We professionally translate your content into the target language. Save yourself the hassle and outsource your translations to a reliable translation partner: BeeCommunication.

Translations from and to Chinese, English and Dutch

We translate from and to Chinese, English and Dutch. We offer translations in any of these languages. So, you can contact us for a translation from English to Chinese, but also from English to Dutch.

As we work together with other reliable and well established translators, we can also offer you translations to Spanish, German, French and Italian, as well as various other European languages.

We translate (almost) anything for you

The fields we translate Chinese from and to are tourism, culture, marking & promotion, texts for websites and apps, business correspondence and more. We do not translate medical, technical or legal texts from or to Chinese, however.

As far as English is concerned, we translate texts for consumer electronics, content for websites and apps, (non-certified) legal documents such as contracts and employment agreements, Human Resources materials, presentations and so forth. We also translate books about the use of computers, building apps, etc. For English, we do not translate medical or highly technical content.

Find out more about our affordable rates

As we offer various language pairs/combinations and because we want to provide you with a tailor made quote, we kindly request you to fill in our contact form or give us a call for a free quote. Based on the document(s) you want us to translate, we can calculate a price for you. In order to do so, we need to review the document(s) and content first, so we can accurately estimate price and delivery time for you. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with a quote for you translation work.


Hi, my name is Bart Roelands. I translate from English to Dutch and from Dutch to English. I can also proofread texts in Dutch. Before becoming a full-time translator, I gained several years of work experience for companies manufacturing and selling consumer electronics. I worked as Market Analyst, Product Manager and Category Manager for innovative companies in this sector. When I got the chance to start my own business, together with my wife, I did not hesitate and since then, I am happily working as a translator for our company BeeCommunication.

Bart Roelands is co-owner of BeeCommunication and translates from English into Dutch and vice versa.

Hello! My name is Mimi Chan and I am responsible for the translations from and to Chinese. I am a freelance translator since 2010. I enjoy working with different kinds of customers. From small companies doing business with China to translating content for websites or apps. Each translation and each customer offers me a new opportunity to make sure the content is correctly translated. The next text I will be working on might be yours!

Mimi Chan is co-owner of BeeCommunication and translates from and into Chinese.

Why do other customers choose BeeCommunication?

Excellent quality

We are proud of our work and our translations. We do our best to make sure your message comes across to your target audience. We value quality and put a lot of effort into all our translations. Our customers appreciate our eye for detail and the fact that we always keep our promise. BeeCommunication is your reliable translation partner.

Affordable translations

We are not a translation agency. Thus, we do not have expensive project managers, expensive office space and other overhead costs. Instead, we are freelancers who invest in continuous learning and the proper translation software that enables us to work even more efficiently. This enables us to keep our rates at an affordable level..

Native speakers

Bart is a native speaker of Dutch and Mimi is a native speaker of Chinese. This means your translations are always carried out by translators who understand the subtleties of these languages. Through education and experience, we both achieved a near native command of the English language, enabling us to offer various language pairs for your translation work.

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Do you have a document you want to have translated to Chinese, English or Dutch? Then we look forward to hearing from you so we can provide you with a quote for your translation. You can use the contact form or, if you are in a hurry, you can call us at +31 6 27028768. Our email address is info@beecommunication.nl.

Upload your file for a tailor made quote
To provide you with an even more accurate quote and estimate of the time we need to translate your document, you can upload a file using the contact form. You can send us a .pdf, .txt, .doc or .docx file (maximum size is 2 Mb). We will send you a tailor made quote straight away.

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