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Our language services

What we can do for you

Your texts accurately translated

Translation is an important part of communicating with your customer, supplier or readers. A manual to be translated from another language into Dutch, a contract for a new foreign employee to be translated into English.

BeeCommunication helps your company get accurate translations carried out by expert translators. We offer translations rom all kinds of European languages and Chinese into Dutch, but can also help you if you need a text from Dutch into a foreign language. Contact us without obligation to submit your translation job to us. Then we will give you a clear quote with the delivery time and price for your translation.

Completely new texts for your product or service

Are you working on a new website? Or do you need marketing copy but nothing creative comes up? Then let our talented copywriters help out. They are good at coming up with creative content, snappy slogans and toe-curling titles. Oh wait, not that last one.

Tell us about your project: who do you want to reach, what does your product or service entail and what message do you want to convey. Our passionate copywriters will then get to work for you to turn it into a catchy text. Curious? Ask for a no-obligation quote for your new texts.

Having existing texts checked

You have written a strong text but doubt it is as strong grammatically. And before you start using the text, you would like someone to proofread it. That’s possible!

Our expert language purists will be happy to dig through your text for you. Looking for that one typo and that one comma in the wrong place. Get a no-obligation quote for text editinghere.

Transcribing your audio file

Transcription is transcribing an audio call or audio file. Think, for example, of a recorded meeting or presentation. BeeCommunication can help you “put these audio files on paper”. We call this transcription: converting audio to words.

Get a quote in your mailbox now? Request a no-obligation quote here.

SEO texts for your website

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and means that the texts are original and easy to find for the search engines. Creating creative content remains important, despite the advent of all kinds of AI tools, such as ChatGPT and the like.

Don’t want dime a dozen content, but texts specifically aimed at your services and customers? Then get a quote for your SEO texts today.

Need a new website?

Apart from copywriting, we can also help you build a completely new website. Texts are nice, but you also need somewhere to put them. For that, a new website is ideally suited.

Through our other company, BeeWebdesign, we provide tailor-made WordPress websites. A website built just for you, with information tailored to your products and services and, most importantly, to your potential customers. For this, we would like to refer you to BeeWebdesign’s website.

Clear communication, transparent rates

We like words, not talk. Delivering quality and honouring agreements. You can count on us to do that.


We would like to work with you

Our copywriters and translators are busy with language every day. It is their passion and they search enthusiastically until they find just the right word to make that one sentence even catchier or to make the translation sound as natural as possible.

Timely delivery

Our copywriters and translators work accurately and honour the agreements made. This way, we deliver your texts in time for publication on your website, social media or for offline media.

Creatieve content

We are happy to help you with texts for a wide range of applications: from websites to newsletters, from brochures to presentations.

Expert translators and copywriters

Of course, you can also turn to us for translations. Our professional translators will convey your message perfectly in the desired language. And for a new text, our skilled copywriters are very capable.